Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homeless Crime Victim Harassed by the Portland Cops 9.28.15

On 9/28/15 in Portland Oregon I filmed this interview in North Portland.

I was with Film The Police Bob (FTP) around Overlook park around 9am when we seen a cop car pull into the park, we walked over to see what they were up to. 

The homeless lady we approach in the park said that the cops left when they seen us two walking up, she also told us about a lot of crappy things that were going on and how mistreated she felt over a variety of failing systems and services. 

The police hassling folks like her is not warranted nor needed.

WATCH -->  VIDEO LINK: Homeless Crime Victim Harassed by the Portland Cops 9.28.15  

[15 minute video]

No Home in Portland - Its a Housing Crisis in 2015

Around the city of Portland, scenes like in this picture are sadly becoming common place.

Lack of housing and services has slid into a crisis in the inner city and all through the outer city as well.

Bodies on sidewalks and curbs, many in need of health care and a safe, clean living environment.

Women and men and even children are all victims of this social class warfare.

This picture was taken around NE 102 and Halsey in October 2015.