Friday, August 15, 2008

Nicklesville - Homeless in Seattle


author: Tara HayesJul 28, 2008 01:27

So what happens when you’re homeless in Seattle? Many find a doorway. Others, illegally camp out in various Green Spaces. And some are organizing to take matters into their own hands. A group of roughly 35 people gathered on a sunny University of Washington campus lawn to rally for a permanent homeless encampment. They’re calling it Nickelsville in response to Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and the city’s recent sweeps on homeless camps found on hillsides, in greenbelts and beneath freeways.

Nicklesville homeless and formerly homeless people make up the Nickelsville committee; they were inspired by Depression era Hoovervilles, shanty towns made of wood, cardboard and metal pieces, so named after then President Herbert Hoover. Unlike Seattle area Tent Cities, Nickelsville would be made of permanent structures to house up to 1000 people people who wouldn’t be asking permission to be there. One World Report’s Tara Hayes was at the gathering and presents this audio potpourri from the event.