Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No Sitting On The Sidewalk Here Pal

THE PORTLAND ,OREGON CITY COUNCIL ADOPTED AND PASSED THE RECOMENDATIONS OF THE S.A.F.E. COMMITTE ONE MONTH AGO. They take effect on June 9th,2007. Unless you are sitting down on a parade route,or at a "permitted" event,you will be given a warning by a Portland Police Officer.

After that, one time warning, you will be given tickets with fines attached. You can not sit down on pavement in Portland,Oregon from 7:a.m. - 9P.M. at night. This is in effect for 2 years. Unless you are having a medical emergency,that is the only allowable excuse for being on the ground,(passed out drunk,counts too)

I asked the question of the Chiefs Forum,yesterday during citizen imput time,and Assistance Chief Lynn Berg,Stated the above. My follow -up question was ,"whom will write the tickets? Berg's response,was ,"only the Portland Police.

Clean and Safe Officers, do not write tickets,nor are suppose to search you,ever!. Their Boss,Director of Clean and Safe, Bill Sinnot(retired from PPB last April to take this Postition) was present as I asked the question, so he knew and knows all along, what his Officers can and can not do.

When you start getting those citations,and any force is used,that is questionable, and or an arrest is attached, contact the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center @503-295-6400 or pop in for guidence at 520 SW 6th Ave #1050, downtown Portland , Oregon. As always,check in with The "Sisters of the Road" cafe staff,and they too will assist you.

Or contact "Street Roots" newspaper.

They did have complaint forms about a month ago, to list the contact some of you have had with the Portland Police that was of concerning/questionable behavior. Feel free to contact "Mayor Tom Potter" with complaints,as to the lack of Bench's and Bathrooms, and SERVICES in Portland to meet your needs.

As well as your City Ciommissioner Erik Sten, whom is your housing commissioner.

Commission Randy Lenord is your- public safty commissioner,Police complaints etc...

Commission Dan Salztman is over- City Parks, clean and safe complaints or harrashment of the homeless

Commissioner Sam Adams is over -transportation...sidewalk movement etc.

Now if any of you, clearly see anyone whom seems like they are the "Blue collar" type of people,sitting on sidewalks,and a cop is near them, and does nothing to them, note the time, Officer name, and tell Street Roots, newspaper or call the N.W. Constitutional Rights center so they can start tracking the patterns of discrmination.

This ordinance is a clear attack upon the downtrodden in life...And it is going to create a lot of hostility between Police and homeless and mentally ill persons whom could not begin to comprehend.

BE Safe everyone....Bless -You all. Teresa (article copied from Portland Indy Media)