Tuesday, March 09, 2010

NASNA Street Newspaper National Meeting


In order to build power and strength in cities where local street newspapers operate, the North American Street Newspaper Association must build support from a broad and diverse community throughout North America.

We are asking individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses to sign on to the NASNA declaration to support local street papers to:

- Provide thousands of individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness to gain immediate income and dignity through the sales of street newspapers
- Provide an avenue of free speech and to give voice to people experiencing homelessness and poverty
- Build a movement that encourages independence and dignity among people experiencing homelessness and poverty
- To deliver journalism, commentary and unique perspectives on homelessness and poverty to build the political will necessary to fight poverty and homelessness in North America
- To build quality relationships with people experiencing homelessness and the housed community through grassroots media

Together, we can build a movement of lasting change through grassroots media and offering individuals on the streets a dignified manner to gain income. Together, we can make a difference. Show your support and sign on today!

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~joe anybody