Friday, March 05, 2010

Housing Discussion - Housing Protests and Displacement:

An Event on Housing Tonight!

author: Judy Fleming

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Public Social University: The latest in a series of public education forums, Public Social University will explore HOUSING in its myriad forms and facets in a series consisting of several parts. Come to learn from Community Alliance of Tenants, Marc Lakeman and residents of Dignity Village, Brendan Phillips and Julio Vascuez from Sisters of the Road, and three speakers from NO Vacancy project.
Part 1: Approaching Space and Place

Friday March 5th, 2010
SEA Change Gallery
625 NW Everett #110 Portland, Oregon

A Free All Ages Event Featuring the Following Presentations and Discussions:

Housing Protests and Displacement:
Brendan Phillips and Julio Vasquez of Sisters of the Road will share their experiences during the WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) protest, which took place in San Francisco, CA on January 20th. They marched for housing rights and against 'crimes of status' to Nancy Pelosi's office.

Know Your Rights:

With CAT (Community Alliance of Tenants) representative Erica Boreman. Erica will explore the history of CAT, renter's rights, and the legislative side of housing.

Utilizing Vacant Space:
NO Vacancy project presentation of the what, who, why and how of using vacant spaces in Portland, legally. Facilitating this discussion are Becky Dann, Brianna Meier and CEIC (Central Eastside Industrial Council) Executive Director Terry Taylor.

Drink Tea with City Repair:
Share stories with the folks from City Repair, who work lovingly to make our city better place, and have had a hand in founding Dignity Village.

About Public Social University:
Public Social University began in 2008 as a collaborative project in Harrell Fletcher's Art & Social Practice class at Portland State University. The first three Public Social University events were loosely organized forums for idea and skill sharing at Portland Oregon's Central Public Library. In 2009, Public Social University organized free/all ages events in Portland art galleries: Food, Water, Apocalypse, Friendship, Healing, and Oral Histories, presenting attendees with the best array of workshops, discussions, presentations and activities on the respective themes as possible. Culled from Portland's diverse community, artists, experts, and academicians alike volunteered their time, knowledge and energy. Additionally, Public Social University Co-Directors Rozzell Medina and Judy Fleming installed exhibits in Portland's MK and White Galleries, organized a free/all ages community event in San Francisco's Dolores Park, and won November's STOCK Grant.