Monday, May 12, 2008

Videos from Homeless Protets City Hall - Portland Oregon

I have a collection of videos from the City Hall Houseless Protest that has been going on for the last two weeks in Portland Oregon
It looks like the Police (City) is planning on removing the protesting homeless people on Tuesday May 13 (A notice was posted informing the folks with no homes or shelter that they would be arrested for being at this protest as of the day on the flier)

I just uploaded this 45 minute long video from the meeting of protesters on the sidewalk out front of City Hall in regards to the seven fellow activists/ homeless who were jailed earlier that day. This meeting was filmed on Saturday 5-10-08 around 7:30 pm
It is being uploaded to Google

Here are some more shorter video links from this protest:

2 of 7 Portland Homeless Protesters Released From Jail

HOMELESS on May Day 1,438 Flags

Homeless Protest at City Hall "Interview"

Respecting The Homeless Protest in Portland Oregon

Jeff Bissonette City Council Candidate at Homeless Protest

May Day March homelessness, immigration and profits 3 of 6

I spent the night there at the protest on Saturday night
I will be posting more video from that day asap (it will be posted RIGHT here***)