Saturday, May 03, 2008

Portland City Hall Homeless Protest Report from May 1st 2008

It is May Day when I filmed this
The protest march I am with, swings by City Hall
I latter stop in and talk to lots of neat people at the Homeless Vigil
Some are homeless, some are activists, some are politicians, both the old and the young
Lots of diversity and an array of concerned people
I wanted to stay longer
I wanted to help ...just by being there in solidarity with my camera if needed,
to capture what ever important moment might need to be recorded.
But I did get these following YouTube video clips documented
It is May 3 today and I am still uploading video to the Internet from this vigil
In Solidarity filming for - Peace - Love - Justice

This is a collection of three (3) videos all from May 1st at the Homeless Camp Protest And as I finish the editing I will have a couple more still to post by tomorrow

I stop and talk with the first person I see, I also talk with one of the organizers named Art Rios:

This is the continuation of the conversation with Art Rios who I believe is one of the organizers of this grassroots protest:

Around 9:PM a group of high school students show up with hot coco, compassion, and some snacks I am inspired by the community spirit:

In Solidarity for Housing For The Homeless and safe treatment of those that are on the streets