Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Portland Oregon Day Shelters 11.17.09

The following is an email I received from: Deborah Kafoury (District 1) Multnomah County Commissioner

I appreciate your concern for our friends and neighbors who arestruggling with homelessness and do not have a warm, safe place tosleep. I want you to know that I share your concern and yourfrustration.

I also want you to know that I am taking steps right nowto help those in need. Last week, Multnomah County and the City of Portland, in conjunctionwith our community non-profits, opened winter warming shelters forfamilies, men, women and couples. For the next five months, theseshelters will provide a warm, safe place to sleep for an additional 120people each night.

For more information visit

My first priority is to find the money necessary to keep these sheltersopen year-round, so that April 1st, the individuals who still need aplace to sleep can go to these shelters for help.

Second, I support your suggestion to change current camping policies sothat churches may allow people to camp in their parking lots. While Iam interested in changing additional camping policies, my ability toaffect policy in this area is limited. The County's jurisdiction onlyapplies to the rural areas of Multnomah County; the City of Portlandregulates camping policy within the city limits.

Third, I am working to increase the number of churches and faith groupswho provide shelter through the Daybreak family shelter. Daybreakrelies on churches to provide nightly shelter to their guests. We hopeto add an additional twelve churches during the winter months. If youare interested in getting involved, please visit


Multnomah County is also considering a short-term rent-assistancecampaign for homeless families that we hope to launch within the nextfew weeks. I wholeheartedly agree with you that affordable housing isthe most human way to end homelessness. None of these actions will solve the problem, but I know we can make adifference for many people who are currently without shelter. Iappreciate your thoughts and hope you will keep in touch.

Sincerely,Deborah Kafoury

The Daybreak Shelter Network is a unique collaboration between Human Solutions and 30 area congregations. It is one of the very few homeless family shelters that keeps families together and the only one in Mid and East County that is completely secular.

A bit about the Daybreak Shelter:
• The Daybreak Shelter provides shelter for 365 days and nights each year. Last year Human Solutions provided more than 4,500 nights of shelter and13,500 meals to homeless families.
• Daybreak houses families for 30 days while providing intensive and one-on-one case management
• Ensures that most families coming into shelter move directly into permanent or transitional housing in about 30 days.
• Families of any configuration can stay – including single parent, two parent, same sex parent, extended families, families headed by mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc. – and the family stays together while at our shelter .
• Families have access to Human Solutions’ other services: employment training, helpful
classes, computer lab for job and home searches, access to other educational tools, and a supportive network to help the family overcome homelessness – for good.

Some host congregations take turns housing homeless families overnight, while other supporting congregations assist by providing services and volunteers. Volunteers cook meals, implement enrichment activities to engage children in play and learning, and assist in transporting families from the host congregation’s site to Human Solutions’ Day Center.

Human Solutions’ holistic approach to breaking the cycle of poverty begins as soon as the family enters the Daybreak Shelter Network. Our goal while families are staying at Daybreak is to provide a set of services to give them the tools they need to become self-sufficient.

Looking for shelter?
If you and your family are homeless, or know of a family that is experiencing homelessness, call 503-548-0200 to find out about our Daybreak Shelter or housing opportunities for homeless families.

Want to help?
If your faith organization would like to find out more about joining the Daybreak Shelter Network, either as a host or supportive congregation, please call 503-256-2280.

How did the Daybreak Shelter make a difference last year?
68 households received shelter and support at our Daybreak homeless shelter.
87% of families who stayed at the Daybreak Shelter moved directly into safe, stable housing.
100% of the school aged children staying with homeless families at Daybreak Shelter will attend school within three days of entering the program.
75% of the homeless families placed into permanent housing will remain in permanent housing for one year or more.

What support does the shelter need?
In 2008 alone, Human Solutions received 3,486 requests for shelter, a significant increase from the year before. With this increase in families seeking solutions to homelessness, Human Solutions needs to keep our operations at full capacity. Please consider a donation to our Homeless Children’s Fund to make a difference in homelessness in our community. We also need more volunteers to help us keep our Daybreak Shelter operating. Click here to find out more about volunteer opportunities!

Many thanks to the Daybreak Shelter Network!

The Host and Supportive Congregations who make the work of the
Daybreak Shelter Network possible include:

Ascension Catholic Church
7507 SE Yamhill, Portland 97215

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
3910 SE 11th Ave., Portland OR 97202

Bennett Chapel United Methodist Church
13047 SE Ramona, Portland 97236

Cherry Park United Methodist Church
1736 SE 106th Ave., Portland 97216

Montavilla United Methodist Church
232 SE 80th Ave., Portland 97215

Tongan Fellowship of the Untied Methodist Church
4600 SE 97th, Portland 97266

East County Church of Christ
24375 SE Stark, Gresham 97030

Faith United Methodist Church
27400 SE Stark, Troutdale 97060

Eastrose Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
1133 NE 181st, PO Box 298, Gresham, 97030

Gresham United Methodist Church
620 NW 8th, Gresham, 97030

Havurah Shalom
825 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Gethsemane Lutheran Church
11560 SE Market, Portland, 97216

St. Timothy Lutheran Church
14500 SE Powell, Portland 97236

Metro Church of Christ
1525 NW Division, Gresham 97030

Parkrose United Methodist Church
11111 NE Knott, Portland 97220

Resurrection Lutheran Church
1700 NE 132nd, Portland 97230

Gateway Baptist Church
13300 NE San Rafael St., Portland OR 97230

Rose City Park United Methodist
5830 NE Alameda, Portland 97213-3426

Fremont United Methodist Church
2620 NE Fremont, Portland, 97212

St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal
1704 NE 43rd, Portland 97213

St. David's Episcopal Church
2800 SE Harrison, Portland 97214

All Saints Catholic Church
3847 NE Glisan, Portland OR 97232

Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church
2828 SE Stephens, Portland, 97214

St. Ignatius Catholic Church
3400 SE 43rd Ave, Portland, OR

St. Philip Neri Catholic Church
2408 SE 16th, Portland 97214

Waverly Heights United Church of Christ
3300 SE Woodward, Portland 97202

Peace Church of the Brethren
12727 SE Market, Portland 97233

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
9800 SE 92nd, Portland 97266

PDX Bible Church
14950 SE Gladstone, Porltand OR 97236