Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tent Cities on the rise

The economic bailout plan being debated in Washington is coming too late for one small, but growing population of America.
In the shadows of Reno's high-rise casinos, one community lives with almost nothing. dwelling in tents.

Nevada's unemployment rate is at a 23-year high. In Reno, the number of jobless jumped 60 percent in the last year.

Now for 170 people, their home is nothing more than a tent.
"I know that god is going to take care of me," one resident said. "But some days, it's very scary."
Whether it is the blaring train or the blazing sun, life is not easy for the mix of chronically homeless, and those newly so.

Just last Christmas, Michael Moore and Marian Schamp (as seen in the video) lived in a rented house in Portland. After Mr Moore lost the job he had had for three years at a gas station, the pair moved to Reno in search of jobs. However, they never found any.

Across the US, tent cities have either popped up or expanded in places like Seattle, Portland and Columbus.

The problem got so bad in Reno that officials decided to organise the tent city and run it themselves.

They put up fencing, brought in security and fresh running water until they can move the people into housing or shelters.


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