Monday, July 28, 2008

Stealing from the Poor in Portland Oregon 7/27/08

http://www. kptv. com/news/17005878/detail. html#

-Burglars smashed through a reinforced window and stole food from a Portland food bank Friday.

Investigators said the thieves broke into the Generous Ventures Food Bank and, in addition to food, made off with fire extinguishers and a rolodex that included names and phone numbers of employees.They also left behind shattered glass, broken venetian blinds and opened cooler doors.

Edna Ford, who started the food bank 22 years ago, said the stolen food was intended for elderly and homeless people."We help a lot of seniors, and I think it's just awful that they would attack places like this," she said.It's not the first time thieves have struck at the food bank. A year ago, a refrigerated truck was stolen.

Ford said the latest crime is the last straw, and she wants security cameras placed at the food bank."It's getting really old," Ford said. "(I'm) getting very tired of it."The food bank is left with the costs of replacing the stolen food and repairing the damaged building.Generous Ventures is asking for donations to replace the food, repair the building and to install security cameras.

Anyone with information on who may be responsible for the theft is asked to call police.