Saturday, April 14, 2007

I new website I just came across is here

Just found this website and wanted to share it with my Zebra 3 readers

The story I just read and am commenting on my blog here is found at this link about the iceman:

The only one word I heard used that was somewhat "an itch" to read was the use of the word "bum" in the context and the line itself seemed to poke humor or somewhat a yuppie sentence with the word bum being used" (( Fashion week may be over in New York but I am sure one of those young funky designers would have jumped on this urban retro look creating a line of bum couture. ))

I have done it my self but i personally feel it carries a slight if not well contended (not saying intended) notion this is a degenerate a sub standard or un-excepted type of person.

It is just my opinion that this using of the word is derogatory is in sort of a "political correct" correction.

Now in my vocabulary I do use the word "bumming" like he was bumming around or he was begging and bumming food and water" ....more in the line of an adjective of an action taking place

Yes ... I used to but no longer like to refer to the people who happen to be homeless or are "street people" as bums ...... it's my opinion....that I am trying to not use this word as in a way to show dignity and respect.

SO ..........HEADS UP Z3 READERS!!

As I read more of the next few stories on this website I start to see sort of continuing use of the word "bum" and a sort of callous sarcasm. In fact i am not alone ...

At this link which i found on their very website in a boastful way seems to me like it may be hitting the nail closer straight on.

I bet within a few minutes you may feel like I am starting to feel

And I am not sure this website street people .com it is all peaches and cream!


The Boxman said...

It is not supposed to be peaches and cream.

It is supposed to be cutting, hard, and satrical. We have said if you read the interview that what communities are doing right now to solve the homeless problem is not working and maybe if we make it a not pretty issue that people will start to pay attention.

As for using politically correct phrases and words: F*** That! We don't need to make things nice and clean in this country we need derogatry comments and phrases. It is those comments that tell us what is accepted by society - what the society as a whole expects of it's members.

So people who refuse to change their situation because they prefer to ask for change from people, they don't or are not willing to work, and have some sort of addiction which they refuse treatment they are bums. They are not an acceptble part of society - if they where your guidance counselor in high school would have had one at career day to talk about how to panhandle change and dumpster dive.

We at want these people to get help, get off the streets, and stop asking us for change. A little harsh reality is good for people.

Maybe it is why our country is in the crapper because we don't want to take a hard cold look at people, and things but we want to use nice euphemisms cause we don't want to hurt peoples feelings. When want we really need to recognize is that feeling get hurt, grow up and get over it, that is just part of life.

Joe-Anybody said...

The more I thought about this website "street people" the more I wanted "No Part Of It"

I intended to delete my post on this (sarcastic/political incorrect site) but will leave it posted so others who come to my site can see the disrespect and cold blooded smart-ass ways the homeless are treated.

Especially note the fun that is having at the expense and on the backs of those that are disadvantaged.

I will leave this for as long as I can to show the cruelty that some here in America are using to put down homeless people.


Anonymous said...

Go f*** a sunset, hippie!!

Ya know what's not fun?

Walking down a city street that my hard-earned tax dollars paid for and being toll-charged by charming and aromatic individuals who use fake wheelchairs to pity the jangle outta our pockets.

Know what's even less fun?

Having my breast grabbed by one of these charming and aromatic individuals and THEN being change-gouged. "Why, yes, smelly BUM, I did enjoy being assaulted, here's a dollar for your troubles."

Tho, perhaps if I gave a dollar and a hug to each and every one of them I could personally solve the homeless epidemic in my fair city and sites like would no longer have a reason to exist.

Well, of COURSE that is the answer. Why did no one think of it sooner???

Joe, you are clearly a genius and a humanitarian and your talents are being wasted in your mother’s basement.

Joe-Anybody said...

I know in this world we live in there is much that goes on that, none of like, tolerate, or will accept. I am sorry this happened to this "anonymous poster".

I will disregard the name calling
and be moving along

Anonymous said...

amen 'Anonymous'

joe, best move along. atleast street-people are adding to the debate.

start your own site, grow a pair, or just drive your SUV to the basement you stay in below your parent's house on the hill and shhh.

yeah life is hard, a few governments tried to balance the field - Russia and Cuba still going great! oh wait...

It is true there is a burden of the haves to support the have-nots. but do we need to give them beer money?

Donate to a soup kitchen,a church, or volunteer. Allow your pale skin to see the sun instead of spending your time combing the web for objectionable shit.

Becaue your gonna find it.

S-P has taken the time to do something. balls in your court.

Joe-Anybody said...

A debate...?
Or an Ad hominem attack?

Is it just mean spirited words with no social worth that you want?

I really don't want to get into a tit-4-tat with people who don't like homeless people or with people who want to be vulgar, rude, or name calling.
Your assumptions of who or what I am are so far out of reality that having any dialog seems mute and almost ridicules for me to engage in.

Regardless of that, I "suggest" this informative website on Ad hominem type of arguments -->

That site may explain why I am
not to interested in your mean spirited energy or wanting to respond. I did feel to be fair I should explain why, so that is why, I am writing this.

For general purposes... here is the opposite meaning (Ad hominem)of the other link... and it equally might be worth going over as well.

Ball in my court?
I'm not playing games!
I'm trying to make social change! And care about immensely about:
people, human rights, civil rights and peace.
I donate time, money, energy, civic action, political action, and have a website, and do volunteer ....all done out of the goodness of my heart.

Bragging ? no ...just letting you know why I was mistaken by commenting on and thought that site cared about people. I was wrong. I made a mistake!

Do I like a good conversation...yes!

A good debate ...sure ....!!

But to just toss mean spirited Internet comments back n forth does nothing to be positive or proactive, progressive, loving nor improves the efforts to make this world better in any kind of way.
Thats what I am interested in.

If you wanna expose some one for lying or scamming, then that is fine ...I'm just not that interested in that type of project or use of 'my' energy.

Care to join me?
Wanna work to help make the world better for all of us as fellow brothers and in a larger caring community?

Then keep writing me.
Wanna talk about my mom or throw out mean spirited energy?

...well "I do have to move along."

And truly I have a feeling that you probably do care and want to help ...... but channeling your energy and being more compassionate needs more reining. is working for peace and love ...... come along it's fun!


coboble said...


Is it by accident or intention that your post of June 5 does not allow comments?
(I encountered a blogger bug, that was causing this symptom, if I used the back arrow instead of the "offical update" button. I haven't encountered it for a while).

There are "bums" who are that way based on the choices they made (and often continue to make).
But the one thing that belongs to all of us, is the land and the resources (not to be confused with the value added to the land and resources).
So who has the right to decide that a person can not sit down on "public" land (land that belongs to us all).
What is the purpose of not allowing this?
Who decided not to allow this?
Who can change it?

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.