Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Don't Want No Pity

A Poem by J. Michigaus
I don't want your damn pity!
Life is hard enough in this cold, dark city
Sure, I may be homeless and you may not like the way I look
But that doesn't make me a crack head or a crook
What I really want is for you to accept that I'm a fellow human being
Who deserves some respect
I'm here for reasons you may never understand
But please don't think me subhuman as
I walk this barren land
You who sit in your nice, warm house and drive around in fancy cars
Should know about the cold, hard truth that made us what we are
Some of us are Women who were beaten and and couldn't take it anymore
Or men having a hard time' cause they fought in a war
Some who have fallen right between the cracks
Who could use a little help but the services, they lack
Take a good look in the mirror
And the next time that you do think about what it would be like
If you were me
And I were to become you!

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